fredag , 03.11.2017

AEM sales manager says goodbye

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torsdag , 07.09.2017

Employee can occupy vacant position through qualification

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måndag , 04.09.2017

Wir begrüßen unsere neuen Azubis!

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torsdag , 18.05.2017

AEM beim Firmen-Sportevent im Dessauer Stadtpark

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tysdag , 07.02.2017

Model-based measuring system for wear condition monitoring and defect detection in electrical machines

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måndag , 07.11.2016

The IHK [CCI] Halle-Dessau honours AEM apprentice for special achievements

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torsdag , 29.09.2016

"Knowledge and technology transfer" on "Design, calculation, technology and production of an innovative cooling unit for large-scale engines"

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tysdag , 28.10.2014

Chamber of Commerce and Industry honours apprentices in the region

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fredag , 11.04.2014

Federal Ministry honors company from Dessau

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fredag , 01.11.2013

Press event on the presentation of a selected success story

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