Monday, 24.06.2013

Our engineering and design departments use computer-based simulation processes in the further development and modification of our machines, as well as in the identification of potential in terms of quality, innovation, engineering and cost efficiency. We offer the appropriate software - in particular for flow and heat engineering investigations - so that any weaknesses can be uncovered and an optimal solution can be found.

With the aim of optimising and overhauling the AEM R-series, the company’s calculation engineers made it their mission, along with the specialists from CFX Berlin Software GmbH, to investigate the thermal behaviour of the electric motor at no-load and at nominal load. Some areas of focus of the project were the temperature, flow and power loss measurements made on the RH 400 M4 sample machine, as well as the calculation of heat transfer in the motor.

The research results were then presented at Germany's biggest conference on numerical simulation with ANSYS by author Matthias Föse (Calculation Engineer at AEM) and co-author Bastian Schöneberg (CFX Berlin) in a lecture entitled “Numerical Calculation of Flow and Temperature Conditions in a Rib-cooled Electric Motor”.


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