History of origins


On 28/09/1872, Dessau company Arendt & Beselin and the company Oechelhaeuser & Blum Berlin joined to form Berlin - Anhaltische Maschinenbau Aktiengesellschaft (B.A.M.A.G.). With a machine factory in Berlin and in Dessau factory I, as well as a grey iron and steel foundry in Dessau factory II, BAMAG quickly rose in prominence in the German industry’s leading group. At the beginning of the 20th century, BAMAG began specialising in driving mechanisms (transmissions). After 1933, the production programme became more and more oriented towards defence requirements, for which factory III was built in 1935. This factory was 80% destroyed in the air raids of the 7th March 1945.

VEB Elektromotorenwerk Dessau

Following the nationalisation of BAMAG on 30th October 1946, the factory began producing dual piston hand pumps , and various other devices. Following this, in October 1948, the VVB (German Association of Publicly Owned Enterprises) operation also took up the manufacture of electric motors began focussing on electrical engineering. From that point on, the operation operated under the name VEM Elektromotoren- und Kompressorenwerk Dessau, before becoming VEB Elektromotorenwerk Dessauin 1951. By 1949, 3250 electric motors had already been manufactured at the Dessau location. In 1953, the manufacture of self-excited synchronous generators was also added. Two synchronous generators from 1954 were still being used for power generation at the listed Zülow hydro-electric power plant in Mecklenburg until the autumn of 2005, when they were replaced by new and much more powerful AEM SE 630 S16 generators.

VEM-Antriebstechnik AG Dresden

On 5/04/1990, following the German reunification, VEB Kombinat Elektromaschinenbau, to which Elektromotorenwerk Dessau was also associated, established the GDR’s first capital company: VEM Antriebstechnik AG Dresden. Elektromotorenwerk Dessau began operating under the name VEM-Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH on 26/6/1990. It changed its name again on 30/3/1992 to VEM-Elektromotorenwerk Dessau, a branch office of VEM-Antriebstechnik AG Dresden.
To avoid VEM’s threatened closure of the Dessau plant (VEM was still managed at that time by the trust), four of the company’s former employees founded AEM-Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH in April 1993 via MBO/MBI. After lengthy negotiations with VEM-Antriebstechnik AG, the purchase agreement was signed on 29/09/1993, and 1/06/1993 was appointed the official takeover date.

AEM-Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH

Using an unfinished investment project from the year 1989, a completely new plant with 150 employees was set up by the end of 1995 with an investment of 21.5 million DM.
In order to continue to obtain the necessary electrical engineering skilled worker knowledge in Dessau, AEM recruits an average of 8 trainees per year in up to 8 different career paths.
In order to be able to continue to meet the increasing requirements on quality and flexibility and to manage increasing order volumes, construction began on a new factory in the summer of 2006. At the heart of the investment project is the newly electrical sheet manufacture using 4 ultramodern laser cutting systems. A few months after the completion of this building, the next investment was already received: A spacious logistics centre with integrated, environmentally colouring system was built to eliminate the space problems resulting from the partial transfer of products to larger shaft heights in the installation.
In 2009, a third new factory was built for the construction of a highly productive machining complex, including the restructuring of technological processes.


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