Vordernbergerbach power plant, Austria

Vordernbergerbach private power plant is located near the Eisenerz Alps and uses the energy from four downward-flowing streams. The plant even survived a flood without difficulty. In the plant, the impeller of the cross-flow turbine is connected to the AEM synchronous generator via a gearbox. Each year, the around 2.3 GWh of electricity yield is generated using a 320 kW machine.

Technical data

TypeSE 400 S6
Number of units1
Machine type generator / synchronous
Degree of  protectionIP 23
Cooling sytem IC 01
Rated speed [rpm] 1.000
Rated power [kVA] 324
Rated voltage [V] 400
Rated frequency [Hz] 50
Shaft height [mm] 400
MountingIM B3

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