Our daily business is the manufacture of customised electrical machines. In order to do justice to the demand for ever more specialised machines, we have continuously expanded production in recent years and invested a total of €14 million in modernisation processes between 2006 and 2012.

Meanwhile, motors and generators are constructed in single production in a production area that is approximately 11,000m² in size. We have a very high degree of vertical integration which makes us independent from sub-suppliers and also allows for short delivery times in the realisation of individual special requirements.

Mechanical manufacturing

Ultra-modern double-headed laser cutting systems which are used in the manufacture of electrical sheets guarantee maximum flexibility and productivity, at the same time as outstanding contour accuracy and parts quality.

The skills of our highly qualified welders give our designers plenty of room for manoeuvre in the design of customised welded steel structures.

A mix of conventional and modern CNC-controlled lathes permits the optimal production of a single unit.

The multifunctional shaft machining centre allows for the complete machining of precise and complex workpieces and subsequent measurement with minimum setup and significantly shortens cycle times for shafts.

Electrical manufacturing

Due to the extremely large range of electrical modifications possible on our machines, of which we now have over 3,000 variants, we rely on manual work in this area. The knowledge and experience of our employees is of particular importance to the quality and reliability of our machines, and has been passed on from employee generation to employee generation since we began the manufacture of electrical machines in Dessau.

Our ultramodern and efficient balancing machine allows for the dynamic balancing of rotors up to 10,000 rpm, thus ensuring the smooth running and high vibration quality of our machines.

Assembly and testing

No machine leaves the factory without being tested according to the appropriate requirements and being subjected to a test run. This ensures that all contractually agreed parameters are complied with. The test field is thus the most important element in the quality control of our products before they are delivered to our customers.

Colouring system and shipping

The new logistics centre with integrated, environmentally-friendly colouring system prepares and loads products for worldwide shipping by lorry, rail, ship and by plane for transport to the customer.

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