Young single mother in part-time training

Friday, 01.11.2013

Combine vocational training with parenting

Investigations by the Federal Institute for Vocational Education show that many young adults with no training or vocational qualifications have children and therefore family obligations. As a result, they have little chance of obtaining a position for full-time training on the training place market.

One solution may be part-time training. The Managing Director of the Dessau-Roßlau Job Centre, Jens Krause, and Reiner Storch will hold a press conference on this topic. The conference will take place at AEM on Monday the 4th November 2013 at 2.00pm and will show companies, as well as others in attendance, that it is essential to offer prospects as a family-conscious employer, particularly in the light of demographic trends.

The motive for the press conference is the story of 23-year-old single mother Kathleen Beck from Dessau, who has begun part-time training as an Electrical Engineer at AEM and is therefore able to both look after her child and further her education.

Photo: Lutz Sebastian

Artikel dated 06/11/13

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