Converter units

Rotating frequency converters are machine units consisting of a motor and a generator. Unlike transformers, converter units are able to convert voltage and frequency thanks to the combination of machines with differing numbers of poles. Typical applications are 50/60 Hz, 50/ 50 Hz or 60/60 Hz.

The frequency converter allows disconnection from the power supply, as well as effective filtration, as the primary and secondary parts are coupled mechanically and not magnetically.

Converter units can consist of asynchronous machines, synchronous machines, or a combination of both. The combination of an asynchronous motor and synchronous generator is most common.

Asynchronous drives are used mainly in the production of higher frequencies, while synchronous converter units on the other hand offer a load-independent speed and better voltage stability.

The mechanical connection of the machines is made possible by a belt or coupling. The machines can be installed separately or mounted on a common base frame.

  • Shaft height: up to 800
  • Protection degree: up to IP 56
  • Cooling system: up to IC 86W7
  • Speed: up to 3,600 rpm
  • Insulation class: F and H


  • no circuit feedback
  • low harmonic component
  • disconnection from power supply

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