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WH 450 L4

Technical Data

Type WH 450 L4
Machine Type Motor / Asynchronous
Degree of protection IP 55
Cooling system IC 71W
Rated speed [rpm] 1796
Rated power [kW/kVA] 1100
Rated voltage [V] 690
Rated frequency [Hz] 60
Shaft height [mm] 450
Mounting IM B3
Rotor type Squirrel-cage rotor
Excitation -
Application Shipbuilding


  • Drive motors for an installation and supply vessel for offshore wind parks in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea (with lifting system, which allows the ship to stand on four legs in water depths of up to 45 m to carry out maintenance work on the wind parks)
  • only for direct coupling
  • thermal monitoring by PT100
  • Anti-condensation heating
  • Special shaft end
  • Auxiliary terminal box
  • with incremental encoder
  • Approved in accordance with DNV
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