Extruder and Mixer Drives

The machines in the plastics industry are often additionally cooled using water due to contamination. When it comes to mixer drives, we offer squirrel cage motors which are fed via converters or slip-ring motors with resistance starters, in versions with either a water-jacket or an air-water heat exchanger. IC 81W slip ring or converter-fed squirrel-cage motors are optimal, particularly when it comes to internal mixers. These are available from us as A series machines with a mounted air-water heat exchanger. Extruders use water-jacket cooled motors in IC 71W. These are adapted by our engineers to the exact desired speed and torque. Machines from the W series are compact and reliable and can be used in conjunction with frequency converters in the place of old DC machines with the same operating points.

Type AH 450 M4
Number of units1
Machine type motor / asynchronous
Degree of protection IP 54
Cooling system IC 86W
Rated speed [rpm] 1,488
Rated power [kW] 1,300
Rated voltage [V] 690
Rated frequency [Hz] 50
Shaft height [mm] 450
Mounting IM B3
Rotor typesquirrel-cage rotor
Applicationmixer drive for a paper mill

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