Rukarara II power plant, Africa

Rukarara power plant uses the water from two rivers; the Rukarara and the Rubyiro. The penstocks of both rivers are brought together and then separated again ahead of the Francis turbine inlets. The turbine set is directly coupled with two AEM synchronous generators. There was a worldwide invitation to tender for the hydropower project. The construction of the power plant was financed by the EU, Belgium and Rwanda, and executed by a company from Upper Palatinate. In order to feed the output into the local medium-voltage network, specialists worked in collaboration with up to 800 local employees using AEM’s own machines. 

Technical data

Type SE 630 SB8
Number of units2
Machine typegenerator / synchronous
Degree of protection IP 21
Cooling systemIC 01
Rated speed [rpm] 750
Rated power [kVA] 1.380
Rated voltage [V] 690
Rated frequency [Hz] 50
Shaft height [mm] 630
MountingIM V1

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