Friday, 11.05.2018

On 07.05.2018 our HR Manager, Mrs. Moye (see photo, sitting on the left) and HR Representative Mrs. Miegel were invited to a formal contract signing in the Philanthropinum in Dessau. The Gymnasium was admitted to the program "Junior Ingenieur Akademie" after successful participation in the competition of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation and can look forward to a financial support in the amount of 10,000 € for the technical instruction. In doing so, we assume the role of a cooperation partner, in which the students can train their practical knowledge in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

The two-year compulsory elective course aims to inspire students from the 8th grade on the job description of the engineer and facilitate their transition to the university. Working closely together, they can get to know the world of researchers and engineers while discovering and developing their own talents. The Junior Engineering Academy in the Philanthropinum starts with the new school year 2018/19 and we are already looking forward to visit from bright and interested students.


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