Code of Conduct

We voluntarily commit ourselves to act ethically correct. Therefore our employees promote as representatives the positive perception of our company. We will also ensure that our suppliers comply with the code of conduct.

  • Compliance with laws
    We abide by the customs regulations, trade and production controls, working time rules and human rights. In addition, forced and child labour are strictly excluded. Laws, guidelines and standards of value are complied with at the local, national and international level and are enforced in the sphere of influence.
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery
    We represent a fair competition. That means cartel agreements, for instance based on prices and market sharing are not performed.
    In dealing with business partners and third parties no benefits are offered, required or used. Towards them comments will be carried out only by authorized persons and no information about customers and employees is given.
    Gifts and invitations are only accepted if they do not go beyond common courtesy and accepted business practices.
    Concerned employees who do not meet the need, expect legal consequences.
  • Data protection
    The collection, processing and use of personal data is confidential and only in compliance with the applicable regulations in order to provide maximum protection. The financial documents of customers and the enterprise are handled carefully and they are kept safe. Even the intellectual property of the company should be protected, therefore in-house expertise will not be shared.
  • Quality management
    The continuous improvement of product quality and safety is a high priority for us. This enables us to meet increasing consumer demands. As the improvement depends on the employees, we are strengthening their already high quality awareness. We also attach importance to adherence to delivery dates. However, this is never enforced at the expense of quality.
  • Treatment of employees
    We promote a good working atmosphere so that our employees are always efficient and dedicated. This includes compliance with regulations on occupational and plant safety, as well as training of employees based on first aid and health and safety, to reduce risks. Equal opportunity should be granted and any form of discrimination excluded. This is achieved by mutual respect and fairness. In addition, topics that strain employees should be discussed openly.
    The salaries are regionally appropriate and go beyond the general cost of living.
  • Environmental protection
    Environmental awareness is promoted by continuous sensitization and training of employees, as well as the development of appropriate technologies to save resources, keeping waste down and reducing emissions.
    To protect the environment, we are constantly improving our production and manufacturing processes and operate damage prevention. In addition, we reduce and replace the use of environmentally harmful substances.
  • Social Commitment
    We provide transparent monetary and material donations to support the education of children and young people as well as for cultural purposes. The allocation is voted together.

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