IT Specialist

Training period: 3 years

  • supervision and further development of company-specific IT solutions through the integration of new hardware and software components:

    • design of system enhancements and technical planning
    • selection and installation of suitable components
    • selection of appropriate backup methods and strategies, carrying out/monitoring backups
    • planning/implementation of workplace solutions in accordance with requirements
    • advice/support for users with problems related to the different (network) operating systems
    • maintenance/repair of various IT components
    • systematic isolation and repair of faults using modern expert and diagnostic systems
    • creation of documentation such as system documentation, user manuals and online help
    • analysis, planning and ordering of consumables

  • selection and installation of suitable security hardware and software (IP cameras, access control, etc.) and integration into the existing IT landscape
  • creation, development, maintenance, alteration and adaptation of programmes
  • design and implementation of web pages for internet and intranet
  • academic requirements for this apprenticeship:

    • A Levels
    • good results in IT, Maths and Physics


전화:+49 340 203-200
팩스:+49 340 203-311
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