Technical Product Designer

Training period: 3½ years

  • creation of technical drawings of components and assemblies on the basis of 3D data and using CAD software
  • computer-aided design / creation of 3D data sets on the basis of specifications
  • carrying out alterations to component on the computer and by hand
  • evaluation of production and assembly processes
  • carrying out technical calculations, such as for example areas, volumes, masses
  • reading and applying technical documentation such as assembly drawings, circuit diagrams, tables or manuals
  • knowledge of the basics of control, measurement and regulation technology and the basic laws of mechanics and electrical engineering, among others
  • academic requirements for this apprenticeship:

    • A Levels
    • good results in Maths and Physics


전화:+49 340 203-200
팩스:+49 340 203-311
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