Friday, 11.04.2014

Federal Ministry honors company from Dessau

„In a company is a balanced age structure in all departments an advantage for a continuous development. Experience shows that the cooperation of older and younger employees in a team results in positive developments in a company due to different ways of thinking and approaches." (Dipl.-Ing. Reiner Storch, CEO AEM)

For job seekers over 50 it is not easy to reintegrate into the labour market. The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs also knows that and founded the "Perspective 50plus - Employment Pacts in the regions" in 2005 as an attractive program to support the recruitment of older long-term unemployed people.

The aim is to counter the looming shortage of skilled workers due to demographic changes and to protect and pass on know-how and industry-specific experience. For appreciation of all companies that face these challenges and align their HR policies accordingly, the nationwide competition "Companies with foresight" took place.

On April 10, the selected 75 companies from all over Germany were awarded in Berlin. The decision of the Employment Pact "50plusPoints" was made in favour of AEM. The active engagement of the AEM and the Managing Director Reiner Storch for employment promotion and securing jobs of older workers convinced the selection committees. In the last two years 15 job seekers over 50 have been employed in AEM.


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