De Zandvloed Suction Dredger

The “De Zandvloed” is what is known as a hopper dredger, i.e. a seagoing, self-propelled suction dredger with cargo hold, which uses drag heads at a low forward speed to loosen the dredging material from the river and pumps to convey this through a suction pipe into the ship’s cargo hold (the hopper tanks). The pumps are powered by our TH 630 S4 submersible machines.
After completion of the dredging operation, the dredged material is transported to dumping sites where it is dumped, or washed up onto the bow of the ship using the water cannon.

Technical data

Type TH 630 L4
Number of units2
Machine typemotor / asynchronous
Degree of protection IP 68
Cooling systemIC 4A1W8
Rated speed [rpm] 1.797
Rated power [kW] 2.100
Rated voltage [V] 690
Rated frequency [Hz] 60
Shaft height [mm] 630
MountingIM B35/2001


Tlf.:+49 340 203-200
Faks:+49 340 203-311