Mega yacht Equanimity

Oceanco's mega yacht Equanimity Y709 (Project PA164) is 92 meters in length and offers everything you could wish for a luxury heart. From equipment to propulsion is everything designed to perfection. So also the bow thruster drive WH 355 L4. Thus it is with an average of 27.6 knots a real experience for the passengers.

Technical data

Type WH 355 L4
Number of units1
Machine typemotor / asynchronous
Degree of protectionIP 55
Cooling systemIC 71W
Rated speed [rpm] 1,490
Rated power [kW] 475
Rated voltage [V] 530
Rated frequency [Hz] 50 
Shaft heigth [mm] 355
Mounting IM B3
Rotor typesquirrel cage


Tlf.:+49 340 203-200
Faks:+49 340 203-311