Thursday, 18.05.2017

The 3rd edition of the Dessau company run attracted hundreds of runners from the city and the surrounding area again on 3 May 2017. This year, the event, in which companies, authorities, as well as club and leisure teams got the opportunity to demonstrate their sporting spirit on a 2.4 km distance across the city park, brought together 472 sports enthusiasts and created a lively and exciting day dedicated to sports. It was of course not the performance idea in the foreground, but the motivation and the team spirit and sportsmanship. Peter also meant well with us, because the weather kept us blue skies and two or three sunbeams ready. Of course, that spurred the teams additionally.

Here are the remarkable results of our amateur athletes with the participation of 15 women's teams and 64 men's teams:

Team Members Category Ranking Time
AEM 3 Cindy Röder
Lea Buchholz
Sandra Miegel
Katharina Wilke
Women 5 45:31
AEM 1 Janic Troeder
Karl Engelmann
Steve Höppner
Maik Hübner
Men 29 37:56
SMB Carsten Schindler
Sabrina Puhlmann
Jan Hofmann
Steve Klimmek
Men 39 40:02
Indukmas Ines Jost
Guido Bauer
Andreas Hönow
Roland Huck
Men 42 40:23
AEM 2 Matthias Rautenberg
Steffen Dornheim
Klaus-Peter Link
Sebastian Orlamünde
Men 46 41:31

We congratulate all our runners on the results and perseverance and thank you for your participation and strong performance. A big thank you also goes out to the colleagues, friends and family members who cheered and supported us as fans. For a new round next year!

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