Понедельник, 07.11.2016

The IHK [CCI] Halle-Dessau honours AEM apprentice for special achievements

Четверг, 29.09.2016

"Knowledge and technology transfer" on "Design, calculation, technology and production of an innovative cooling unit for large-scale engines"

Вторник, 28.10.2014

Chamber of Commerce and Industry honours apprentices in the region

Пятница, 11.04.2014

Federal Ministry honors company from Dessau

Пятница, 01.11.2013

Press event on the presentation of a selected success story

Понедельник, 30.09.2013

AEM celebrates 20-year anniversary

Суббота, 13.10.2012

At the 18th Festival of Technology of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) on the 25th October, Reiner Storch was awarded the “Gruson Plaque of...

Воскресенье, 01.04.2012

Following the motto “The children of today are the future of tomorrow!”, AEM (Anhaltische Elektromotorenwerk Dessau GmbH) began a competition on the...


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