If the repair of a defective electric machine is uneconomical or it does not make sense for other reasons, we can offer to you a mechanically and electrically identical copy of the electric machine to be substituted (three-phase motor or three-phase generator).

With our design and calculation department we are able to make a technically identical copy on the basis of the electrical and mechanical data of the old machine.

With this copy all topically valid regulations, norms, legal regulations and rules of the classification societies are considered. You will get a machine on the most current technical stand.


  • no modification of the system concept
  • no costs for adjusting the mount
  • no new approvals
  • machines can be changed easily

We have extensive experience in the reproduction of electrical machines no longer produced by:

  • ABB
  • AEG
  • Brush
  • Indar
  • LeroySomer
  • Loher
  • Marelli
  • Schorch
  • etc.

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