Sailing yacht A

"A", the largest sailing yacht in the world belongs to the Russian billionaire and entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko and measures 143 m. This three master is equipped with many special features - with an underwater panorama lounge, garages for four dinghies and a mini submarine. The masts are approx. 90 m high and thus the largest free-standing masts made of carbon. The construction is estimated to have cost 400 million euros but actual costs are unknown. The two water-cooled electric motors are used as drives for the bow thrusters. However, they also run as shaft generators or in addition to the diesel engines in booster mode.

Technical data

Type WH 400 L4
Number of units2
Machine type motor / asynchronous
Degree of protectionIP 55
Cooling systemIC 71W
Rated speed [rpm] 1,200
Rated power [kW] 650
Rated voltage [V] 690
Rated frequency [Hz] 40,2
Shaft heigth [mm] 400
Mounting IM V1


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